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  • Sakarya GoTürkiye

    The city of Sakarya is located on the coast of the Black Sea and takes its name from the Sakarya River (Sakarya Nehri) flowing through this beautiful country. The river creates a web of estuaries in the province and the natural beauty is breath-taking. If you want to be in nature, history, serenity and comfort, Sakarya is the place to be.

    Sakarya is full of natural treasures such as the Sapanca Lake (Sapanca Gölü), Acarlar Longozu (Floodplain Forest) and Karasu Beach (Karasu Plajı), and it has a rich cultural heritage and cuisine.

    Sapanca Lake (Sapanca Gölü) is one the places you can visit on a daily excursion. You can also enjoy the restaurants and cafes on the lakeside.

    55-minutes away from downtown Sakarya, Acarlar Longozu is a good alternative for people who want to spend time outdoors. Poyrazlar Lake (Poyrazlar Gölü) is also the best place for a picnic, surrounded by pristine nature.

    Taraklı Town, 70 km away from downtown Sakarya, is situated on the historical Silk Road. It is one of the towns included in the Cittaslow (Slow City) network. The remains of Ottoman architecture in Taraklı are worth seeing.