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    Sakarya enchants its visitors with its unique nature, fresh air and natural beauty. There are more than 20 plateaus in Sakarya, especially Dikmen, Çiğdem, Sultanpınar, Acelle, Karagöl and Soğucak, where you can enjoy the fresh air and be in touch with nature. Acarlar Longozu, Poyrazlar Lake (Poyrazlar Gölü), Doğançay Waterfall (Doğançay Şelalesı), Harkköy Canyon (Harkköy Kanyonu) and Madenler Creek and Waterfall (Madenler Der eve Şelalesi) are among the other natural riches of Sakarya waiting to be discovered.

    Acarlar Longozu

    Acarlar Longozu (Floodplain Longozu), is the second largest floodplain forest of Türkiye after İğneada Longozu which is in Kırklareli. Covering an area of 1,562 hectares, it is one of the most important natural attractions of Sakarya and is a first degree natural protected area. Acarlar Longozu is completely surrounded by ash forests and these trees are inserted into the swampy parts of the lake. Birds such as pheasants, woodcock and wild ducks live here and there are many fish types such as bow, red wing, carp, crane and arrowhead. Acarlar Longozu is home to around 2300 plant species and 243 bird species. Water violet, water tulip and water lilies of various colors are some of them. Boat and water bike tours are also available in the Longoz.

    Doğançay Waterfall

    It is 600 meters above sea level. The path to the waterfall is also used as a walking-trekking track. It offers a visual feast to its visitors with its unspoiled nature.

    Karagöl Plateau

    Karagöl Plateau (Karagöl Yaylası), which is completely covered with pine, beech, fir and oak trees, is a natural treatment center with its oxygen rich air and cold drinking water.